UC Irvine COVID-19 Research Biobank Sample Request

The Department of Pathology, CCR, and ICTS are working to develop a comprehensive research biobank that will be available for a myriad of research projects. The IRB has approved the study, and Dr. Rob Edwards and a team of physicians and scientists, will work with clinicians, patients and research teams to develop this institutional resource. Please submit your request below. A diverse governance committee will help us prioritize projects and distribute samples in a transparent fashion.

Initial collections include whole blood, plasma, and serum from participants being tested for COVID-19 and remnant nasal swab samples. Virus status will be known. Collection of other sample types from other participants will be developed shortly and updated here. Requests will be evaluated by the biobank committee and prioritized based on scientific merit, feasibility and novelty. Should samples leave UCI, additional project information and MTA will be required. UCI faculty and affiliates are eligible to apply for samples.

Please note, the request is a 2 step process:

Step 1: Complete form for sample request below.

Step 2: After committee review, a Zoom meeting may be requested to discuss required approvals, pricing, and feasibility.

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Current samples include whole blood, plasma, and serum. What other sample types might be requested (saliva, fecal, urine, etc.)? (1000 character limit)

Investigators must demonstrate substantial preliminary data/prior expertise (evident through publication record for instance) in the experiments they are proposing to ensure that the specimens are not wasted. Investigators should have the appropriate regulatory approvals to handle the specimens. In the event that multiple groups submit similar proposals, they will be asked to work together and present a collaboration plan to the review committee that clearly articulates how the work and credit (authorship) will be distributed amongst them.

Using the above recommendations, briefly describe you or your groups qualifications. (1000 character limit)

If your request is approved, there will be charges associated with the collection and processing of samples. Please provides account (KFS number) used for these charges.

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