2014 ICTS Interdisciplinary Team Science Award


ICTS Interdisciplinary Team Science Award

The ICTS Interdisciplinary Team Science Award has been established by the UCI ICTS to celebrate the importance of interdisciplinary teams to the translation of research discoveries into clinical applications and, eventually, clinical practice.

The Team selected to receive the 2014 Team Science Award will collectively be recognized during the 2014 ICTS Annual Celebration of Translational and Clinical Science Dinner on June 27th 2014. The team will also receive approval for up to $2,500 of ICTS select services.

Requirements for the Team Science Award

For the purpose of this Award, a team is comprised of independent researcher professionals (faculty, research and specialist series-- not including trainees) providing complementary interdisciplinary expertise, each of whom have made separate substantive and quantifiable contributions to the research being recognized. The “Team” should be comprised of a minimum of 3 members. The team leader and a majority of the team must be employees of UCI or its Affiliates.

Self-nominations are encouraged. A single coordinated nomination should be submitted for each team. The following information will be required to submit a nomination:

  • The name and contact information for the team leader
  • A list of all members of the team, their professional titles and affiliations, department and school
  • Name of the research project
  • Role of each member of the team
  • A statement describing how the team is “better than the sum of its parts”
  • Evidence of products produced through team collaboration (publications and/or grants received)
  • A statement describing how this interdisciplinary research has or will translate to clinical significance.


Nominations are due by 5 PM, March 15 2014


This nomination has expired.
(Nomination status closed)

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