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The UCI Brain Mapping Colloquium presents a series of monthly Brain Map Talks on a wide range of different aspects of human brain mapping. Talks are held at various UCI main campus locations.

The next UCI Brain Map Colloquium talk will be:

Friday, April 12
12 noon
SBSG 1517

Ron Frostig, PhD
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior

"The Spread: A New Structure-Function Principle of Cortical Organization"

ABSTRACT: Using a complementary battery of high-resolution mapping techniques including functional imaging; electrophysiological recordings with microelectrodes arrays; detailed histological studies using anterograde track-tracing dyes; and pharmacological manipulations, our research group has revealed a novel functional and structural system in the adult rat cortex. Following restricted (point) peripheral stimulation a very large (mainly subthreshold), symmetrical spread of evoked activity is detected - so large that it spreads into the territory of different unimodal sensory-motor areas. This spread is supported by an underlying symmetrical spread of extremely long-range horizontal projections (up to 4 mm) within gray matter. I will discuss basic research and pre-clinical findings that demonstrates the critical role of this system, as well as its major importance for functional imaging mapping techniques (including fMRI).

A pizza lunch will be provided, compliments of the ICTS.

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