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Carl Cotman, PhD
Professor, Neurology and Neurobiology and Behavior, UC Irvine Founding Director, Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia (IBAD), UC Irvine
Current PI funding: NIH/NIA (P50-AG16573), Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (2005-2010) NIH/NIA (R01-AG12694), Animal models of human aging and dementia (2006-2011) NIH/NIA (P01-AG00538), Behavioral and neural plasticity in the aged (2008-2012)
Mentoring: An inspirational leader in the field of brain aging, Dr. Cotman is actively involved in the Education and Training program of UC Irvine's Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia (IBAD), a multi-disciplinary environment for teaching and research on all aspects of brain aging. His prior trainees include Dr. Patrick Kesslak, Director of Clinical Research, Neurology and Pain for Allergan Pharmaceutical Company; and Dr. Jalene Johnson, Associate Professor of Neurology at UCSF who leads the California Non-Alzheimer Disease Diagnostic Reliability Consortium with UCSF, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC-Davis, UCSD and USC. In recognition of his contributions to teaching, science, and community service, Dr. Cotman received UC Irvine's highest honor?the UCI Medal?in 2004. Dr. Cotman has 176 prior trainees and 8 currently.
Research: Dr. Cotman's landmark studies at UC Irvine have advanced the understanding of Alzheimer's disease and other age-related disorders. Because most nerve cells do not divide, the brain and spinal cord were for many years believed to have little if any ability to repair damaged circuits. This belief, however, conflicted with clinical experience showing that patients at least partially recover from minor injuries such as trauma and strokes. Dr. Cotman's clinical and translational research centers on studying the mechanisms by which recovery may be achieved and on facilitating such recovery, for example by enhancing the growth and compensatory reorganization of remaining connections, and by facilitating the repair of damaged circuits. Author of 9 books and over 700 peer-reviewed journal articles, Dr. Cotman has received numerous prestigious awards, tributes and honors for his career achievements, including the Reeve-Irvine Research Medal (2005) and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Alzheimer's Disease Research (2008). Dr. Cotman was an ISI Highly Cited Researcher in 2001 and 2007.