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ICTS Call for Voucher Requests

Submission Deadline: March 14, 2016

Purpose: To provide small financial awards to augment existing translational science research projects.

Rationale: The ICTS has a limited amount of funds to support needs of existing translational science research. Applications will be accepted for these funds on a first come, first served basis until all available funds have been allocated. The maximum amount per request is $5,000.
All allocated funds must be expended by March 31, 2017.

Application Process:
Requests will be accepted by e-mail to apontell@uci.edu.
Please include the following in your e-mail request:

  • Abstract of the proposed work that includes current status of the project (1/2 page limit)
  • Explanation of request, with appropriate informative detail, including:
    • Justification for the additional funds needed
    • Project/Expenditure timeline
  • Budget for the proposed request
  • Biosketch of PI (NIH new format) and CO-PI, if applicable.
  • Provide regulatory documents (IRB, IACUC, etc.). Finalized regulatory approval is required for all requests

Restrictions for Voucher Requests:

  • $5000 maximum per request 
  • One request per investigator 
  • Funds cannot be used for equipment purchases
  • Funds cannot be used for salary support (this includes graduate student support)
  • Funds cannot be used for travel
  • No overhead will be provided for outside institutions
  • All REGULATORY APPROVALS for the proposed work must be finalized

Review Process:
All applications undergo a peer review process based on the following review criteria:

  • Overall project scientific merit
  • Translational nature of the project
  • Justified need for addition of requested funds to overall project budget
  • Project feasibility within the proposed time frame
  • Likelihood of enhancing potential to generate extramural funding
  • Finalized regulatory approvals in place