Welcome to the online application to request BERD resources for the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS). This application is designed to make your submission as easy and as accurate as possible.

This application is for requesting BERD RESOURCES ONLY and no other ICTS resources. If you would like to request multiple resources, please use the main application located here.

You may submit an application at any time, but please note that due to the unique nature of each protocol some requests require an administrative review prior to resource allocation review. To ensure your protocol will be reviewed in a timely manner, please contact a ROOTS staff member to discuss your application. You may call 949-824-ICTS or email icts@uci.edu to schedule a phone call with a ROOTS staff.

Click here to cancel and return to the ICTS BERD page.

If you do not have a UCInetID, please complete this form and email it back to the BERD Director at jricksod@uci.edu.